Technique Drills For Runners

If you want to become a better runner begin by running better, the truth is by the time most of us enter our thirties our bodies gotten how to run efficiently either through atrophy a repetition of the same workout over and over and over we stopped recruiting the full range muscle fibers necessary for […]

How to Train for a Marathon | Running

So you are just getting started running. But you want to run a marathon. Before you jump in it too quickly, try to start with a 5K race, up to a half marathon to see how your body adapts. How do you adjust to the training? How do you feel during the race? What do […]

Improve your Running Form – Anatomy of a Stride

Earlier I noted that when watching runners. They all looked different but seemed to be doing something similar. Let me explain what I meant by that. When you run your stride is made up two groups: Variable elements and Invariable elements. The invariable elements our pose, fall and full. And performing those properly helps prevent […]

7 Things About… Olympic Marathons

7 Things about Olympic Marathons, 1. The name “marathon” originates from the greek legend of pheidippides. Legend has it, pheidippides ran from marathon to athens, a distance od 39km. 2. Abebe bikila (eth) won gold at rome 1960. Running the whole marathon barefoot he was the first person to win to olympic marathons. 3. Just […]

What is forefoot running?

We are going to go over some of the finer details perfecting your running form: and basically with Newton Running former talking about the lawn lever left. Almost any sport you play you going to get flexed ankles, flexed knees. You go to be centered over your body mass. The way you ski that is […]

The Mid-Foot Strike

The Mid-Foot Strike, is a newer concept that has gained popularity in recent years, is a surprisingly poorly defined area running due to the lack of a standard definition of the midfoot and the style love of running that goes with. It celeste star there to try to fully understand this idea, currently there are […]

How to Train for 10-Mile to 1/2 Marathon

So you have been running for a while and now you want to build up and run ten mile races maybe a half marathon. What we do when we have our half marathon classes we’ll have people start a minimum of about five miles to six miles for their long run. As long as people […]

What to Eat before and after a Run

You want to go for a run, but you don’t want to go for a run on an empty stomach. There are a couple snacks you can have about an hour-two hours before your run, so you don’t have too much food in your stomach, but you don’t have to start your run famished. A […]

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