Runners of all abilities, from novices to elite, are being invited to ‘runbristol’

2010 Bristol 10k – Official Charities

2010 Bristol 10k has two Official Charity partners:


St. Peter Hospice:

For further information please visit website:
or tel. 0117 9159300 email: [email protected]


For further information please visit website:
or tel. 0191 261 7427 email: [email protected]

Gold Bond Charity places

If you work for a charity and wish to buy Gold Bond places please call the race hotline on 01782 396113 or Email [email protected]

The race hotline is often very busy so you may be asked to leave a message. Please be assured that we will respond to all enquiries.

Charity collections

If you plan to run for a charity and intend to collect money at the race from members of the public, you will need to obtain permission from Bristol City Council Licencing Office in order to do so.

Application forms are available either in hard or electronic copy from the Licensing Office, Princess House, Princess Street, Bristol. BS3 4AG, contact telephone number 01179142500 or via email to [email protected].

Applicants will be required to provide some form of authorisation from the charity which demonstrates they are entitled to collect on the charities behalf. The purpose being to ensure that bogus collectors are not able to obtain permits for their own private gain. There is no fee associated with the application process however once a permit has been issued the promoter is required to submit an account detailing the amount of money raised, amounts deducted for expenses and the contribution given to the charitable cause within 3 months of the date of the collection. Failure to provide an account may jeopardise the granting of any future permits for that particular charity.



COCO helps children across the world to access better health and education. The charity was founded in 1998 by former World 1500m and Mile record holder Steve Cram and as a result, we raise much of our money through sponsored runners in the UK and overseas. COCO has raised in excess of half a million pounds since 1998, funding projects in Bosnia, Romania, Malawi, Tanzania, India, Thailand and South Africa.

We pride ourselves on being a small charity that is attentive to the needs and wishes of both our supporters and the children we support financially. Transparency and accountability are both very important to us, so we can tell you where every penny goes.

Thanks to support from COCO, children’s voices are starting to be heard and their rights to an education and basic health care are being realised. COCO is currently focusing on the plight of street children in Sub-Saharan Africa, helping them to attend school and teaching them how to look after their own health. With your help we can continue this work and reach even more children

By running the Bristol 10k for us you can help COCO to give children a new start in life, take them away from the dangers of life on the streets, feed, clothe and educate them. Basically you will give them what every child should be entitled to, a happy healthy childhood.”

For further information visit our website: or
email: [email protected] tel. 0191 261 7427

Download the COCO 10K Sponsorship form