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Runners of all abilities, from novices to elite, are being invited to ‘runbristol’

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As media partner to the Bristol Half Marathon, Running fitness, the magazine for people passionate about running, shares some expert tips on how to help make your half marathon experience one that you won’t forget!


Fuelling for a better half

John Brewer, performance director at the Lucozade Sport Science Academy (LSSA), discusses how to respect the challenge, and fuel for success

It’s been well documented that the late, great Chris Brasher once described running a marathon as “the suburban man’s Everest”. Given that since its inception in 1981, almost half a million people have now completed the London Marathon alone, plus the many thousands who have run in other 26.2 mile events, this is perhaps an over-exaggeration, since fewer than 2,000 people have reached the summit of Everest!

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Countdown to a better half

So you fancy running a half marathon? Be warned, despite the name no half measures will be allowed – if you are looking for advice on running half marathons on three sessions and twenty miles a week try another magazine!

Racing – or even just aiming to finish – 13.1 miles will require a good background of steady running topped up with a fair amount of speed-endurance training. Andy Coleman – who was second in the Great North Run in 2000, recording 62:28 – based his training around two track sessions and runs of one-and-a-half hours at varying speeds. He had, however, a core session of 10 × 1000m on grass, starting in the 2:50s and progressively increasing the speed to finish with 2:30. His intention was to duplicate the increasing pressures of racing.

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Countdown to a Better Half Part 2

Now’s the time to put your final training into gear and get ready for race day

After four weeks of specific training – assuming that you started from a solid fitness base – you should be ready to run 13.1 miles any day of the week. However – now you have to hone your fitness in order to race. The schedules indicate a race at the end of week five but this could be your core session (see September issue) when you check on your current form and (hopefully) get a big injection of confidence.

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Recovery Food

Whether you’re tackling a half marathon for the first time or are about to take part in your hundredth race, Lynn Clay has some tips that could help you on your way

If you’re upping your mileage in order to get to grips with a good half marathon, you’ll need to pay particular attention to recovery in order to maximise your results. If you can recover well, you can train more effectively in each session, ultimately speeding your progression and improving your race times.

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Testing Times

Want to know your 10k form? Can’t find a race? Owen Anderson explains how two simple tests can predict your performance – without the costs of expensive lab tests

Knowing what sort of 10k shape you’re in is never an exact science. Training sessions might indicate the kind of time you should run, and yet, somehow, often your estimate and your actual performance are poles apart.

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