How to Run a Marathon-Tips for Race Day

Hi, I am Richard Francis we are filming a video on how to run a marathon, we just covered nutrition. Now we are gonna cover what to do on race day you have made it to the Start line, you put in the proper training physically for the event, now what? Well most people get to the start of the marathon if it is the first one with a little bit anxiety that is totally normal do not worry about that. The excitement that you have when the gun goes off will consume you and you will forget about any anxieties you had, at race day make sure you write early the night before make sure you lay out a check with all the items you are gonna need to bring including your race bib number and the chip you are probably given to you for the race timing.

A lot of the marathon these days have electronic, ship tracking, a electric chip technology that allow you to monitor your time and your finish time. Just by running across the map, so gonna need a attach that chip probably to your running shoe, if it is not included in your bid number most likely will be on your running shoes. So make sure all that is taking take care of the night before.

The restive it is all mental, as matter fact that would say probably 90% but getting to the finish line is mental. Biggest thing to remember on race day do not try anything you have not tried during training, especially nutrition wise, do not put on a pair brand new running shoes, use the one you have been using in training, and make sure you have got the right amount of preparation going into this race in terms the what you will need.

Now that includes creams like vaseline, because you are gonna have a lot of shakin doing 26 miles. You want to put it on areas that might rub, for example elbows might rub against, your side arm between your thighs Mehrab, use that cream to prevent shaking you gonna need it on the course. Actually lot American handout vaseline throughout the course if you get are running like that.

Other thing to remember you have already put in the proper training, so you are good there, for a sports drinks. Make sure you tried one of the sports drink that their sponsor organization is providing, so make sure you have tried before if not try to bring your own. During the race try to get there very early start with a pace group that your custom to that will really help you get through the marathon, if there is not a pace group for example eight-minute, nine-minute or ten minute mile group if that is your pace group.

If you cannot find one around there try to ask some people around where you are what pace the plan on running the marathon, and if you can find some people that are about the same pace with them. If you can find a group then that will help you get through the that as well engaging your pace with them, Especially if this is your first one, having somebody help pace you espy the best way to get to the finish line without getting too do exhausted.

Now, we are talking about 26.2 miles maybe you have done the 26 miles before hand in training, maybe you have not, maybe only turned up to twenty miles that is okay. The last six miles they are gonna be tough there is no question about it, but the excitement around you the fans the man to people that will get you to the finish line alone. It is really hard to describe the feeling that the event crossing, the finish line in words you gotta be there to experience it unbelievable. The main thing to remember is just to have fun remember wire there, relaxes shoulders, relaxed the arms you know have a lot of fun getting to the finish line.

If the test is a challenge mentally and physically but it is probably one of the most enjoyable journeys to personal accomplishment that I have ever experienced. And seeing other people experience that is really amazing, and I really think that if you try to do, you do your first when you get to the finish line you will probably end up doing a lot more.

That is the basis for our company lbs health innovations, we know that these events are enjoyable their family oriented just a lot of fun. And we know that people come back and do it again because they have had so much fun. So, I hope you get to the finish line, enjoy it and come back for more and I hope the advice that provided you here it is helped you prepare for marathon. And help to get to other ones down the road. Thank you!