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How to Run a Marathon-Tips for Race Day

Hi, I am Richard Francis we are filming a video on how to run a marathon, we just covered nutrition. Now we are gonna cover what to do on race day you have made it to the Start line, you put in the proper training physically for the event, now what? Well most people get […]

How to Race the 200 meters

Hi everyone I am Jimson Lee from, today’s podcast is how to race the outdoor 200 meters. The 200 hundred does not get the respect in track because it is in between the 100 meters which is the world’s fastest human, and the 400 meters which is the killer event or the world’s toughest […]

Training for Marathons and 10K Races

In order to improve as a runner avoid injury and just keep from getting bored you’ll need a balanced training program. Unfortunately, we cannot just offer you a ready to go training program because training programs are very personal things. But what we can do is explain how you can develop a training program that […]

Setting Realistic Running Goals

The foundation of any fitness program is based on setting realistic goals, focusing on those goals, understanding the purpose of every training session and having fun. Setting a realistic running goal is one of the most important things you can do, whether you are starting out running or re-experience runner trying to stay motivated. In […]

Health & Mental Health Benefits of Running

Welcome back to Utah Runs. You have likely heard about runner’s high that euphoria that runners claim that sets in as soon as the speed does. But experts recognize other benefits as well Ralee Eck is a licensed nurse and runner herself and Julie Hanks is a therapist the process family therapy and exercise enthusiast. […]

Common Running Injuries and Treatment

As we said near the beginning of this DVD one of the biggest reasons people give up running is because of injury. And it is really unfortunate because the vast majority of those injuries are avoidable. In particular overtraining is a killer for new runners. You want to see results as quickly as possible. And […]

How to Breathe during a Run | Running

While you are running, try to pay attention to how you are breathing. Try to keep it a controlled, relaxed breathing when you are first getting started. If you are running with a partner, see if you can hold maybe about a full sentence’s worth of words. If you find that your breathing is a […]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

A 92 year old cancer survivor is seeking to become the oldest woman to finish a marathon. Right here in San Diego, Harriet Thompson is from Charlotte North Carolina. Now, this you see here in purple this is video of her getting ready to compete last year at the marathon in San Diego. Now she […]

How To Run: DOs & DON’Ts

DR. LIEBERMAN: I think there is a number of key elements to good running form. The first is not to over stride. Over striding is when you stick your leg out in front of you and you land with your foot in front of your knee and really way in front of your hip. A […]

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