Health & Mental Health Benefits of Running

Welcome back to Utah Runs. You have likely heard about runner’s high that euphoria that runners claim that sets in as soon as the speed does. But experts recognize other benefits as well Ralee Eck is a licensed nurse and runner herself and Julie Hanks is a therapist the process family therapy and exercise enthusiast. So, as runners ball the view, we support the runner’s high concept? Definitely very much a real thing let’s talk from a medical perspective. Really where the physical benefits you experience both professionally and personally from running?
“Running provides so many physical benefits. Because yet the most efficient and one of the most intense forms of exercise that you can do. Let’s start with the heart. The heart is the biggest muscle in the strongest muscle in your body when it has to work hard it is going to benefit, all the systems and your body. Your body is requiring more oxygen and more nutrient when you are running so your hearts working harder to provide those nutrients. It is getting stronger, that strength is going to strengthen the capillaries in arteries in your body to keep supply pressure. Decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke and give all other body systems boost,” said Ralee Eck.

Is there any concern about the joint or people worry about the stress on their knees? About a concern if you are looking to take up running is a sport or hobby?
“I hear that all the time, but cartilage is the soft tissue in your joints, your ankles, your knee, your hips that cartilage is contracted and expanded when you exercised. And so it strengthens overtime you Carly to actually become stronger with intense exercise. If you are smart about how you do it so knee problems can actually turn it can actually benefit your knees if you run,” Ralee Eck.

Good to know, helps the body doing how does it help the brain the mental benefits from running your huge? “Mental benefits are huge and sometimes we forget that the brain is part it’s an organ in your body. So everything you are saying, your brain is getting more oxygen were blood. So sharper cognitive skills, especially for seniors to defining the intense exercise really helps mental ability. Also creative problem-solving is sharpened with intense exercise and running is a great way to do that. But I think the best thing from a therapist’s perspective is improved mood, decrease stress, decreased anxiety and depression symptoms. I mean it is the most under prescribed treatment for depression and anxiety. I think we need to be doing it you know more and more, because it can be as a factor as antidepressant medication,” said Julie Hanks.
And emotionally as we talk about that runners high, you just feel better is that the takeaway in the end you just feel better?

“You do, yeah and also the confidence in your abilities, your physical abilities translates into other areas of life. So you know that I am strong and competent my body is amazing that confidence can spread into relationships and other confidence in angles that you are sending,” said Julie Hanks. Motivation reasons to get running. Thank you so much! Coming up how to collect the perfect pair running shoes?