Double win for South Africa Comrades Marathon runners

Welcome back everybody many people are still celebrating the success of our two local Comrades winning. As Caroline Wostman who is the first South African woman, in 17 years and the winner of the men’s race. Gift Kelehe there is just such an amazing thing to have two South Africans winning. Vaylen has been covering the entire race she was yesterday. She is still there so we decided to cross over her just to find out. What it was like yesterday and the importance of the fact that two South Africans won it. Vaylen what a wonderful day it was yesterday, how was it? Not does it definitely look like we lost the link that surveillance. Either that or she is standing up sleeping, which I can only imagine because it was a long day. And we will get that link up and running and we will chat to her and find out what it was really like discovering at lecture. The excitement to have two South Africans, well let’s a have a look at them Caroline Wostman becoming that for South African woman in 17 years to win the comet smashed and that since rainy a Bischoff in 1998. She won the up a run between definitely to match but while Gift Kelehe when one that the men’s race. Basically it means it is the first time since 1992 but both winners are from South Africa.

Well, the discipline and control most month to control of the woman to rise after just two hours of running. Such was their dominance that you would walk at certain times when taking on the refreshments. And then just leave opponent in awake, when she wanted. Post one the two oceans marathon earlier this year and it is the first time that a South African woman has managed to achieve both victories in the same year. In the ninety running up to rice she perfectly summed up what all comments are nice feel like. Charne Bosman finished second and it is also the first time South African women have claimed a 1-2 finish since 1993. Kelehe is the brother of Andrew Kelehe who won in 2001. They are now the only brothers who have managed to win the race. His tactics were slightly different as you get these are high on his main rivals in the early and middle part of the race. Still feeling fresh in the latter part he made a decisive move which none of his closest competitors could respond to. He was especially strong on the heels and made light work of a difficult body short. Even there are a few pushups after crossing the line showing how easy strong follows. Well, over it Vaylen back on the line now so they begin we can find out from her what it was. Vaylen are you then, oh there you are that is better. We had a bit of a frozen picture of you earlier looked like he was standing up sleeping. Which I am sure is not far from the truth must be exhausted. A marathon broadcast covering a marathon. How was it?

It was absolutely amazing and what a privilege was to be at the Pietermaritzburg over it was electric gift kelehe came over the finish line and Caroline Wostman it was just the most special energy and that is what makes. The comrade’s marathon this ultimate human race that everybody speaks about, and the one middle that each and every single distance runner wants to have as part of the collection. Yukon’s emphasize enough what kind of run, Caroline Wostman had yesterday. You that the record for the at brunch is a 609 and Caroline basically was three minutes before that. However, there was an extra 800-meter deviation and this is purely because it there are some robots that are happening in case it in was a throughput the pint on area. So, one would think that if it was eighty seven kilometers she probably would have actually taken at record. And that record this year was with 1.5 million rand because the commies marathon this year was celebrating its 90th anniversary. However, she is completely unpretentious the header in studio after his fabulous to ocean swim and she said she got involved in running for no other reason. Then, actually getting with a baby weights and lo and behold she has these extraordinary long-distance running telling. That thankfully has now come to the fore she was so happy to have actually won the race. And some people say that maybe she went out a little bit early she did say she was feeling saw in the final 10 kilometers and they were relieved really tough but a brilliant run from him. And then Gift Kelehe, I mean he was the only man on Friday when they had the lead athlete’s press conference that 87% said; I want to win this race.

That is why I am here I am here to win it. You he is been saying the same thing for the last three years. So many in the genocidal okay, but he was the only athlete that really said what is my intention at exactly one yet been training for it. He lost close to 10 kilograms in his training to prepare for this race. And he said you know but it was a champion in 2001 and I also wanted to be a champion. And that is always been top of mind for him. And I want to shows you what comrade middle nor any means but to be comments champion. What that means in the prestige that holds. So, it is a day for South Africans to celebrate to fabulous victories from Gift Kelehe, as well as Caroline was not. See you, maybe thing you will when I still doing here in KZ did. Well I mean do and I am made my way from beamers baited a banana at the Maharani hotel. So what is happening here this morning they having the official com read marathon pie is given because yes we have a commie’s means and Women’s Champions. But this is also some other awards those in age group categories. As well as two teams the golden trophy as well as the CMA shields for the women’s team winners and that is what we doing here we also have begun a happy some other winners on the show’s. That is something to look forward too.