How to Improve Your Running Form: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Beginning Marathoners Make

Hi everyone, I’m Julia Park and I’m Jane Cranque from the balance runner. And we specialize in helping runners to improve their running form and performance. In today’s video, we’re grant to explore when it might be you’re running form, that causing aches and pains in making it so top finish long runs. Will give you the right for guidance, we give our clients when they come to us for help with the american training, every year in August a lot of first-time marathoner honors come to us for help with their form. Because their mallage goes up over what they’re used to their to begin to develop aches and pains and early science of injury, and if you watching you can probably relate to this you follow the run for my as you read books and magazines perhaps coach tell you what you hear from friends and it does not help much if it all. There are a number possible reasons for this but very likely the cause one of a few very common mistakes that first time marathon make their form.

So let’s take a look and Julia demonstrates these and then the correct way of running. Alright!

  • The first really common running for mistake is running upright, there’s a difference between slouching, and leaning and so we are not saying you should slouching but when you run you have to be in or from ancles and the amount that you mean depends on your speed. So you see Julia running upright now, now let’s take a look at her leaning forward from the ancle.
  • The second common running form mistake is over striding you may have heard about this one, that means landing with your foot in front of your hip joints and underneath. Let’s take a look Julia overstriding, and now let’s take a look her landing with her feet under her hip joints.
  • The third common running form mistake is heel striking which means landing on your heels and rolling through the balls on your toes, you wanna make sure that you’re not trying to land in your heels ideally lands the middle of your foot under the bullet of your foot. Changing your foot strike is the complicated issue well, what part of foot you lean on and where your foot is relative hip joint. Because your feet land with the half to in order to keep you foot fall in over, so the change your foot strike you have to change what you do with your torso arms and head and the change you should never try to force. We’ll talk more about how to do it in the future video.
  • The Fourth common running form mistake is pulling your shoulder back and moving your arms forward and back, running depends on can rotation of the upper and lower of body. Which generate power for running and reduces bouncing the impact, this can rotation makes your arm swing diagonal pack way not front to back.
  • Now let’s take a look at Julia allowing is healthy contribution for upper body
    and lower,

  • The fifth common running for mistake is tightening your core,the other half of the counter rotation I just spoke about is the move your pose and if you brief your add like action you restrict the movement and again significantly increase impact and overstressed your legs and this is a classic cause at even
    problems knee pain shenice.
  • Now let’s take a look at Julia running allowing her pose to her movement.
    So thats the prefix explanation the video of this, learning healthy running mechanics is a process that can take a while, but hopefully just being aware of this key elements can help you begin to feel better.