Lelisa Desisa Wins Men’s Boston Marathon

We’re about to hear the Ethiopian national anthem here in Copley Square. The music is blasting the crowds are probably 15-20 did, on the side the streets closest to Newbury Street. As we watch our men’s winner rise the last 385 yards against a backdrop a Boston strong sign in one of our businesses, businesses so profoundly affected 2013 community rallying around them and around this event today. This signature event in the city again and not a speed in day with this very crisp headwind out these when you can see the American flags just fluttering start out coming right back in the face of the runners 2008 31 on the clock and county.

He had the hills beautifully I saw him commented running of unicamp 50K very very helicourse and had them so well now how waste to crowded there. you know he has a betting favorite and a good reason to the two beddings favorites the money new were there except the routine she was on the line. And what a beautiful view now as he closes in the final yard to the Boston Marathon finished the least it is with the sprint to the finish he will win the 2015 Boston Marathon Ethiopian the least of the season breaks the take. beautiful effort. He knows what it’s like to wear the number one and wear again he returns to Boston next year because running in this race and honor Boston he says the most historic race in our sports.