Stop! Look! Listen! — Running Tutorial

Hello my name is Danny Abshire we are here with Newton Running in beautiful Boulder Colorado, One of the big things that we want to try to focus on as a runner is to think about all your senses and get in touch with your body and get in touch with the ground. this is so important lot and we just say hey many do this marathon if it kills me it is do or die that’s not the way to approach. Basically stop what you are doing and evaluate your form, a lot of people will go out and just try to push through use muscle power use a lot of effort but if you just tap into your senses you’ll be able to go a lot further and faster with a lot less injury. We’re going to go over these three basic stop look and listen I’m gonna pinpoint each one and tell you had a correct your form what this means to us is analyzing your running form: and how you move across the earth with gravity as opposed to having gravity restrict you forward movement.

Stop: When you over stride use excessive breaking force and then to get going to be in use excessive muscle power, the user and to you to be allies implied after break and now year old through and push with extra bored your calf muscle group hands trying to get started again. So had this stop and start mechanism every stride, now you want to turn that around the world use that together the plan was mormon athletic position your incorporating all the most simultaneously as opposed to isolating
breaking muscles and propossive muscles.

Look: If you look forward your body will be drawn for, if you have a tendency to look down and you can it just be moving here you gonna typically run a little more in place in you know down. If you look forward about 20 yards when you’re running keep your vision moving forward in a draw your body you know I have all the senses of you flow for gravity, also keeping your shoulders upright and looking for you breathe easier when you drop your head restrict from your breeding also part of the look is we want you to look at your shoes and you wear patterns on the bottom issues to help you analyze if you stop in too much creating braking forces when you strike.

Listen: You wanna listen as striking the ground, if you hear a heavy impact really loud noises I running definitely striking with too much impact you causing problems in excess in shock to your working muscles, because in problems to the joints as well and all the way to the back. So keep it light you gonna be a lot better of you gonna run a lot further and faster with less fatigue unless enquiry, basically you wanna short news stride it’s as simple as that sure you stride within your tempo, look forward, lean forward slightly and simply touching and lift.

So if you incorporate that stop look and listen you wanna stop breaking land with a very light strike underneath your body, you wanna look forward which will draw you forward, and you wanna listen to a very light striking the ground. touching and lift, touching and lift as if you’re running on high-cost. If you do those three gonna be floating across the ground less impact you to be moving forward and gravity as opposed to breaking and then pushing with excessive muscle power, so you’ll be using less muscle the run you’ll be moving faster you be impacting your lighter.