How to Stretch Before Running

Hey guys! I am Paige, we are going to the five basic stretches to make sure you prevent injury you optimize performance, when you’re outdoors running. On this is good to do when you’re out already warm yourself up, and it’s time to get a good stretch routine so here we go.

The first rate is going to be a Calf Stretch – place your foot feels on the ground toll up against the wall. We’re going, to stay not nice at all keep those hips right up over the field we’re going to push myself or with the back leg pools pool with your arm if possible giving a good stretch, with that gastrocnemius and soleus muscle. Hold each stretch for about 30 to 45 seconds try to keep yourselves good and relax and let your body do that. The full range of motion then it should feel mildly uncomfortable yet not painful. Okay, and they once you finish it is calm and relax on wall make sure you gonna do both sides.

The next stretch going to do for running is the Piriformis Stretch – is a good one to make sure that our hits a good mobile we have the flexibility there. So let’s go and have a seats want to create new figure four with are lakes here place the right angle over the left knee. One hand on your ankle the other hand on your knee try to keep this lower leg. Parallel with the ground keep your spine good in tall we’re going to be in forward from your hips, as far as you comfortably can told the stress about 30 to 45 seconds and then come back and relax.

The third stretch going to do was for you are Hip Flexor Stretch – one knee on the floor you can have your legs at 90 degrees. Standing up nice and that entire long spine watch going to do with it is an anterior pelvic tilt. Scoop your tailbone a blunder you took those it’s backwards you really feel the engagement of your hip flexor here that’s the basic stretch. Now if you want a little bit more DVD case top of your hamstrings you lean forward keep that pill but still keep that hit that tailbone scoops. And you hold this rate for 30 to 45 seconds and then you’ll come back and then switch legs will make sure to both sides.

Alright guys the fourth stressful want to do, is for you are I.T. Band Stretch – on this when you going to do standing, so when I start with your feet shoulder-width apart, we are going step are left leg back, behind our right leg. Keep your Hips Square as possible place the right hand on your hip, your left hand want to go straight up, nice and tall spine. We are going to have been over to our right focus on pushing your hips out to your left. You should feel stretch go all the way down from your shoulder all the way down; your side into that hip and IT band anything down your leg. All this stretch about 30 to 45 seconds use that use a support need like a wall or table stand next to if need be and then when you finish going to come back up. And they will switch to both lower right legs.
Alright guys, the final stretch before we start running is our Hamstring Stretch – we are going start, standing position, feet shoulder-width apart we’re going to extend the right leg out heel on the ground. To pointing straight up sitter hips back, so that your weight is into the center of his left leg. You going to extend rate with this right leg forward to the toe rate is possible reaching forward right leg is locked hold the stretch for 30 to 45 seconds make sure you keep your balance alright guys now you have the tools you need for your run on the lot they have burnt the pavement and have a good time it