BBC News – Bristol Half Marathon

woman who lost both her legs in a fir has been told she can’t compete in the Purcell helf marathon because she will be too slow. John Glenn min says it’s discrimination but the council which organizes the event says a card afford to keep wreck support in place for what might be days sunny Sally Challen reports. Basically both my legs are firm from a toes up to bone. Job Lindman is inspirational twenty years ago she lost both legs and to have her children in a house fire yet this year she wants to walk the bristol half marathon to raise money for new prosthetic legs at the moment there to pick oversee I liked would love to walk a bit more I I’m not gonna walk all the time anyway I have been told because of chap this wonderful band and what’s happened is like believing, sometimes go off my chair. I’ve done a pause place where are click in I can match stretch and port.

So yeah I look like a penguin with i am working. Joe wants to enter with friends and supporters from the charity pools place the applied for six places but we’re told no they could not take part work watching trading and I’ve always pride previous going here by my voice but quite a shame because I love the people here and we should be allowed to be everything and everyone else does the Bristol half is run by the City Council roads need to be closed volunteers and race officials found untrained they have up with Joe’s team the chance to enter as guest as long as they put their own measure in place in effect organizing their own event because they are anticipating taking longer than anyone else, they would basically need to be at the back with the slow participants they can keep going as long as the roads are open but after that period of time they will need to move on to the pavement and the notes if the continuing beyond that time they need to make their own provision for medical medicine and water support in generally.

In the past some runners in the London Marathon have taken days even weeks to complete the course but here too, runners no need to finish with 24 hours and in Bristol these pilots wanted to carry a helicopter blade course. They were asked to provide their own support to we need to find ways that we can participate in thing not why we cannot comes september the twenty first this year they hope they will have come to a compromise but the race organizers. But it’s not they say they will be taking part way Sally Challen a BBC points west well joining us now, if Calf Alden who founded the charity Paul’s place that you saw their in Sally’s report. Your officially disappointed but rules are rules is not a case that if she could not finish in the allotted time it said that she does not enter. No because we are not all the same, and what they have done is a person can place to say that you’ll have to be the same otherwise you cannot compete.

And we are all the same and we are not asking and for us to compete in them time we are actually saying please we will do our in house the safety word in our own risk. We have our own insurance in place allow us to continue till we finished, so we’ve ever expecting students to be laid on cause she’s awake it might take a week had to finish will you ever being no hunting. No! I explain on that to the council, we said that we would put all are in safety in place in all our own risk it in place. But still we were given cases they are been told you can where numbers you can have metal of and you can start with the other competitors does it really matter if it’s not officially the same event. How can that be a quality how can it be the issue have a disability ahh ,sorry a disability that you’re not classified the same as everyone else back have to be wrong it can’t right to do that and that’s our council saying no watchin achieved incredible. Where you can go from here she’s doing to take part we’re also gonna take part because things as rights are wrong and we do know that there’s always a consequence of what you do and were paired for what consequence or is that we will be there stock I we will finish it when we finished.

Ok! we wish you the best luck! Thank you , thanks for joining history 27 well