Bristol Half Marathon – Wonga Challenge Special

Hi I am Hannah Why, and this is the longest challenges in our campaign to try and inspire a hundred thousand people across the country. To get up get active and try something that they have never done that before. Now I am here the Bristol Half Marathon and I have four volunteers you were going to be running with me today. None of them have ever run a half marathon before. A start is about eight minutes time but before we can stop. I am going to try and find this four people in amongst the 10,000 people taking part today.

Today‚Äôs 28 September 2012, just two days before I run the first half of Marfan for the first time. Hi there, my name is Ed, I am 37 years old and I am from London, welcome to my kitchen. Mix emotions at the moment, really I guess one cup of tea this morning and I am traff to briston — think that is for I am gonna be like it the end rights. Really looking for get down there on Sunday he found a nice and early care in a month crowds me Hannah I am and the rescue team. It is own feeling a bit surreal at the moment I am very hard to believe that in 48 hours the whole thing will be over. Looking for whom reach me due toward looking for whose firm during our 52hr time.

Ready to wearing a coat. I feel like I used to fill for exam. I have never hit a wall or what they call the wall by many God I get at night about me and i wanna go together. Them run this spot I yet despite I am gonna be alright. We have to started these are all the people that heading off on a call us now another will never run a half marathon before. I wanna come to confess today so here we go.

So this is where I up there, with one of the topest challenges you can do. We are about 10 miles into it now and this is where the pain really does. I think I can feel it my legs, I can feel it in my bone, everything starting to hurt but the atmosphere here in Bristol is amazing. Surprisingly alright, today hi so we have worked with him. a make see get well go back easy 50 on CP his life, which is a good thing okay. September now I think stuff is still looks like drugs, Yeah for exceptional today. Yeah is really hot trillion that also fired got down to just like hoping there is a steady diet review. All done