The Immune System: Running as Preventative Medicine – Sports Science: Running

Cough colds and flu nobody likes to get sick. We do almost anything to avoid it, herbal remedies, supplements, cold medications. All runners have another weapon in our arms that combat illness. And it is right under their noses. How exercise affects your immune system.
Analogy performance:

There is a complex relationship between exercising your immune system. Let’s take a look at how it works, when we exercised body releases powerful hormones that improve athletic performance. The problem is that some of these hormones like adrenaline and cortisol decrease antibody levels in that body use to fight invaders like bacteria and viruses. Research on athletes shows that after a hard worker competition. There is a period of time or antibody levels are decreased. Scientists and this think this may represent open window where the bodies at greater risk of infection. The most important time to guard against illness and infection is in the first few hours after your workout. But exercise can also strengthen your immune system; there is a J shape relationship between training and illness.

Simply, moderate exercise will increase your resistance to illness; well your intense exercise can actually decrease your resistance. Researchers about the people who exercise four to five times a week moderate intensity. About half the number of respiratory infections and people who do not exercise, not only that the severity and duration cold symptoms was lower knows we are exercising. This is partly due to the fact that exercise improves the flow of fluids through your lymphatic system. This means that viruses, bacteria and toxins are filtering cleared from your body more effectively. But researchers also shown, when people exercise very intensely or under a lot of stress, the instance of illness actually increases.

Your muscles are made of proteins and use glucose for energy, just like your way what sells body uses to fight off disease. With hard workouts your muscles in your immune system me actually be competing for nutrition. After a hard workout it is essentially, eat curves and proteins refuel not only your muscles but also your immune system. Runners tend to have better nutrition, better sleeping habits and less stress. Stick to your training planed and build your fitness slowly inconsistently, that will help strengthen your heart, muscles and your immune system.

Here are some keys to success:

  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day especially on high stress days.
  • Should you eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Have extra vitamins minerals if you are traveling or stress out.
  • Wash your hand, avoid touching your eyes specially hour after you exercise.
  • And plan for extra rest and sleep after a hard workout so races.