What is the Pose Method of Running?

At this point you are probably wondering what is the pose method of running? or how can it help me? to help clear things up let’s take a look at some runners, they all look different do not think but at the same time don’t they seem to be doing something similar.

Now I’m not talking about putting one foot in front of the other that is obvious, but it’s definitely something within each tried that they all repeat, you see it but you’re having trouble describing. let me help you out
every manner may look different but the unavoidably 3 thing in can every strat.

Let’s slow it down to you can see them one by one every runner first passes through the running path them pass from support and finally put their foot off the ground, those are the three invariable element in running, Pose, Fall, Pull like I said earlier proposed method reading is a systematic approach to teaching technique, this technique revolved around efficiently performing Pose, Fall, Pull in every stride.

It’s not a stretch to say that you are here because I’m one 3 reason you want to prevent injuries, you want to run faster, or you want to longer so which is it.