Run – Walk – Run Method with Jeff Galloway

Hi I am Jeff Galloway Olympian and distance running expert. Disney brought me here as a training consultant for Rundisney. I am on Hollywood Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is past the 22 mile mark, the place where most runners. And the Walt Disney World Marathon hit the wall but you do not have to it is all about proper training, and running and walking for. If you conserve resources then you are the one the breaks through the wall. Running, walking for let’s get trained. The most common mistake that I see among long runners and walkers is maintaining a forward lean like this. That can put a lot of stress on the back the shoulders and neck which can shut you down later on.

So, be a puppet on a string with your body upright. And then he will be the one that pushes through the wall. The second running and walking form sicker today is to keep your stride short. The most common mistake that I say among runners, and walkers at the end of a long hard event, so they let the strides get a little too long you have got to keep that stretch short. As can reduce wear and tear on the joints, the tendons, ligaments and it will also help you conserve resources. So, keep this trash short you are going to break through the wall.

My final running and walking secret today, involves bounds that is the amount that you left yourself off the ground. And my recommendation to you is to shuffle. If you keep your feet low to the ground you reduce the pounding on your feet the lengths, the muscles, and you conserve resources. And then you are the one that is powering yourself all the way past the finish line. So, let’s review may three form secrets:

1. Upright body posture.
2. A short and Smooth Stride.
3. Feet low to the ground as and shuffle.

For more training information visit, for more information on the Disney running series visit, from Disney’s Hollywood Studios this is Jeff Galloway. See on the road.