How to Start Running Without Getting Knee Pain : LIVESTRONG: Fitness & Exercise Tips

I’m Jeremy Shore for, and this is how to start a running program without getting knee pain, when beginning a running program the key to avoiding the pain its proper movement preparation. Knee pain when running is usually the result in limited range of motion in the ankles do too inflexible lower leg muscles and we glutes, both resulting in knees being misaligned and overloaded. A combination of self myofascial release stretching and strengthening will help you prepare for years of pain for you running, again by targeting the calves, quads and his with foam rolling slowly moving across each area to increase blood flow while decreasing tension and muscular restrictions, pass on tenor areas for twenty to thirty seconds to assist in this release.

Next perform dynamic stretches that also strengthen these muscles, some examples of these are down dogs with calf raises reverse lunges with overhead reach and across body me hugs. Let me show you, for first exercise will lengthen and strengthen the calf complex with & Down Dog an ad in the calf raise, to begin on all fours from here strain your knees up with your heels down into the ground keeping a flat back pushing to your hands to fill a good stretch. the calf complex just straight knees next what you do is ignore list the heels come up on the toes flexing the cams and then slowly blow your heels back down to the ground to get to that stretch.

To strength train come up on the toes and slowly drop the heels back down from repeat for eight to 12 repetitions, next will open up the hips and stressed it’s trank for performing a reverse launch the overhead reach will. Stand tall feet about it with the parking step back into a lunch keeping the kids talked dropping a bag me slightly in reaching overhead with the arm in the same side, will hold that for two seconds return to starting position and then drop the officer for back reaching over without harming the same side reaching away from that trail leg, alternate size for sixty repetitions holding for about two seconds in the stretched position, finish was alternating me hugs this will help open up have complex.

So I sent all gonna bring leg up and across the body running around Shin the outside attending pointed towards the chest to fill a good stretch on the outside the leg. hold for two seconds bring a leg back down to the ground and switch signs hanging the knee towards the midline in the body and switch sides repeat for sixty eight repetitions on each side. Jeremy Shore Live Strong this has been how to prepare to begin running.