Acceleration – Glider Drill with Jeff Galloway

I am Olympian Jeff Galloway distance training expert and official training consultant for Run Disney. So, you have gotten off the bench like a good athlete and started running, congratulations! But now you want to get faster. I have got a drill that will not only improve speed that allow you to shift gears during a race it’s called the Acceleration Glider drill let’s hit the pavement. So, as you can see I am jogging slowly for about ten steps. Now I am jogging a little faster for about ten steps. Now, I am accelerating for about twenty five steps little faster not a sprint. And now I am gliding, coasting, gradually slowing down. In Review, the acceleration allows you to improve speed and the ability to shift gears during a race. The glad allows you to improve efficiency. From our training information go to, for more information on the Disney Endurance Series go to Debbie from the World Showcase at Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort this is Jeff Galloway. See on the road.