Cadence Drill with Jeff Galloway

Hi! I am Olympian Jeff Galloway endurance training expert and consultant for Run Disney. I have got a training tip for you today, that will improve efficiency and speed is called the cadence trail. You can do this drilling plan but today with the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex where there is a world-class track facility. And I am going to teach you how to do it. So let’s get started, became is drill combines physical and mental training. It is very simple but, what it does is in power the right side of the brain to find ways of making you more efficient, and a faster runner. Start with a 30 second segment, count how many times your left foot patches, 30 seconds 45 steps. Must do it again, you take a 15 second break. Second time, try to increase account by one or two steps. The four-day today’s the drills over. 30 seconds 47 steps. In summary the Cadence Drill is very simple, but it certainly will improve your efficiency and speed. You do it once a week and you only need to do four to eight days at a time. For more training information go to, for more information on the Disney race series go to from ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex I am Jeff Galloway. See on the road.