Better running training tips stretching muscles technique

We learn how to walk and run at a very early age in life. Despite this you can find different mistakes in running techniques at any level of performance, with an awful would like to help you to recognize and correct these mistakes. We will present special exercises in failed of running techniques stretching and strengthening muscles, the good running technique prevent injuries and is the prerequisite to improving your performance after all a good technique increases the fun. A good running technique is distinguished by each’s for illustration purposes we’ll now subdivide the run into the torso, including the head and the arms and the legs.The importance of how you place your foot on the ground is dealt with separately, hutu also is completely stretched and leaning slightly forward, it is very important that you hit is stretched.

This hip stretching will be looked at separately in the section on basic running exercises you head is held upright and you look straight ahead.The most important criterion is the full stretching at the hip imagine a strain on your chest that puts you up diagonally so that you become taller and taller, new shoulders should stay still as possible to do so the upper body has to be upright your arms move actively in the direction you are running they must not be held across the torso you know arms are held above the hip, your hands are loosely closed. The legs the most important part body for running you heal moves up just when your foot loses contact to the ground, if paige gets faster you heal is brought near to your bottom at a moderate pace unique should be the heels highest point.

A fast-paced is only possible if you’ll heal is lifted appropriately due to the fact the an bended leg is too long to function as a fast pendulum otherwise it cannot be brought forward quickly after lifting up your heel you’ll find moves forward, you heal stays up by tensing the reassign muscle. As soon as your fine reaches its highest point the real fine muscle relaxes and your lower leg swings passively forward good runners lift their thighs to such an extent that the lower leg can swing out in front in the knee cap.

Do not try to push your lower leg actively to the front because you would use the wrong muscles try to lift to heal up and you need to the front and swing your lower leg forward passively by relaxing the back fine muscle, he touched the ground with the outside of your foot if the pace gets faster your foot stuck to the ground with the outer side on the ball of your foot ideally your foot is already in a backward motion because your lower leg with swinging full forward prior to this of you’ll heal goes down after the foot has touched the ground this motion is controlled by the cough muscles and the Achilles tendon, so that part to the impact is absorbed your whole foot touches the ground briefly. First the forefoot then the middle part in the foot and finally the heel of a natural in which rotation around the actors have the foot because as soon as the whole foots touches the ground.

This is called pro nation it absorb the impact as well, first to put your weight on the front of your foot the new lift to heal and finally you press your toes on the ground in order to do the next step, this running technique is called four-foot run and its automatically used by most runners. slow fun is touch the ground with the heel I’m role the whole foot this technique is called he’ll, run of the technical foot with not meet at the forefoot run from comes automatically when the pace increasing, otherwise the impact to the football could not be absolved bit it is also called fourfoot run.

If you place your foot on it outer side the fourth to simplify look at the Botanic everything what is not he’ll run it’s called Fulford run to be scared and i think is please do not try to run only on the ball of your foot with key this train the Achilles tendon and cuff muscles too much which can lead to injuries, this running technique its only used by small number of runners he do this at a high pace the technique stays the same only the extents changes no arms are applied most strongly he’ll and five are lifted higher lower leg swings for the full word and the length of your step increases.