Endurance: Run Farther, Faster, More Easily – Sport Science: Running

No matter what distance are training for. No matter what your goal is, all runners need one thing, Endurance. How endurance training increases your ability to resist and recover from team next analogy performance.

Endurance training is exercising for long periods of time. It does two important things improves your cardiovascular system and increases your muscles ability to use oxygen to create energy. Your muscles need oxygen to make energy to keep you going. The key to building endurance is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the system your body uses to get oxygen from the air into your muscles. That system is the oxygen transport pathway, air answers your lungs where oxygen diffuses into the red blood cells. The heart that pumps the blood to your muscles bloods enter into your vitreous and oxygen flushes into the muscle fibers. Mitochondria in your muscles use oxygen to burn fuels to create energy. Use this energy to run.

Endurance training improves every aspect of the oxygen transfer pathway. Your lungs growth bigger, your heart becomes stronger. You have built red blood cells to carry more oxygen. You grow new blood vessels in your muscles. You built more mitochondria more aerobic enzymes which can produce more energy. All of which help you to resist fatigue, run farther and recover faster. That’s how endurance works, here’s how you do it. You can build endurance fighting longer want easy case, long slow distance or LSD.

Ideally the speed and a piece that’s fast enough you can hear yourself of reading. But not so fast can carry on a conversation, that’s what 5265 save your harried. Increase your total trading volume slowing by no more than 10% per week. Fills your fitness graduate minimize risk injury. The left your red blood cells to help carry more oxygen by eating foods that are high in iron and vitamin C, whether you’re sprinter looking to recover faster or walker for more fitness or marathon or wanting to run better. Endurance training will help you get there.

Here’s how to get the most out of your endurance training, corporate one Ellis to run in your weekly program. Run between 50 and 65 percent of your maximum heart rate. Stay hydrated take water with you on your long run, refill its and carbohydrates and proteins within 30 minutes in your run. Eat foods that are high in iron, vitamin C gradually increase your total weekly training volume.