Run Right with Newton Running

Hi! I am Adamson and Danny Abshire, we have been running this morning and we were talking about good running form and natural running gait. If you are not a trained runner you do not come from a trained background you can get into so many bad habits over striding, heel striking, you know leaning back with the upper body. We have to remember we are trying to move forward from A to B with gravity pushing down on us. Taking issues of running across a nice grass surface, you will notice that it is really not natural the strike your heel at a four wheel and automatically underneath the body in your land on your forefoot mid-foot. It is very natural if it had issues off and you run that way then why would you run differently when you put shoes on and run on concrete and asphalt.

Well, that is true and it did various reasons that in barefoot running. You do not bet on it hill, imagine running along this concrete pad strike with the hill, you would end up breaking the bank anybody pretty quickly. And consequently you get up on your for foot. It is a very natural thing to do. You see, north of the circumvent the see it on how to services. When you are running a better than six minute mile pace and when you are running up hills are always on that mid-foot, for foot. So, you can see here where my joints the lockdown that any force or shot from the ground’s going to travel straight up through my link to my joint. As soon as you get forward into this athletic position, you by the Great Big Spring and observable Ashok this is the protective net for later on.

If you have a nice flexed ankle flexed knee your absorbing shock in your returning energy. All that muscle and tendon is in a position store in retrieve your natural energy. So, I am just going to show you a site profile, what that looks like. Bent knees, bent ankles looking forward about 20 yards been forward slightly automatically started to move forward. Now, if you are breaking you hitting here you can notice most people will start to hit here and gravity is forcing you backwards. If you want to use gravity your advantage you getting here, straighten up, lecture knees been forward feel that movement that shock absorbency and now just take up.

When out after their running it feels really natural to just run, I think about staying on my four-foot being relaxed in the upper body and a slightly forward. And if you are out there and you are just thinking about those three things, the form to take care of itself it becomes very natural. When I get tired and I start to see the weaknesses in my form come out, it is generally leaning back getting really tight in the shoulders. If I noticed that and recognize that is happening I can rectify it by that lightly all right and then running takes care of itself.

“Inefficient running form looks like you doing something with know if it you are on your forefoot the lifting up the hips which brings through he always sleeps up quads which makes everything easy it should be relaxed an efficient,” said Michellie Jones.
“When I first meet an athlete regardless their actual running ability, I am emphasized form and running economy. I think people just think you do not have to focus on running technique at all but it is so important for all levels runners. First thing, I tell he shall striking runner is that land more mid-foot plain, and simple short, quick running style. It is not a long stretched out over striding hill plan. It is a shorter Temple Run, a faster temple shorter distance run. Keeping the feet underneath you planning on your Mid-foot,” said Roch Frey.

“As soon as you come more to meet you recruit, so many more muscle fibers and that is what makes it so much more efficient always think a keeping your feet right underneath you. Keeping astride a little bit short and then what would normally be comfortable because as the Moscow by an as the muscle stock to tighten up a little bit. This ride will be maintained,” said Paula Newby- Fraser.

“Whether it is running, swimming, cycling the simpler, the better and as a lot a great tools out there to help you maximize your performances. But in the end this is recess, I feel like every running shoe. And I have used every, you know technology that is available all the way up to now. You know coming up on 2010 and I have not seen any change really and midsole technology up to this time. The most unique thing about the current running shoes is the definitive difference in feel. This is the first running shoe that I have ever felt energy return. I run a 10k race had no business running a time that and I run, I am I guarantee it was because the shoes. It is a magical shoe; it really is it is a magical product into the first running shoes that I have ever felt that about and I have been running for 30 years. I can live without it now, I would put on conventional your running shoes and there is nothing more depressing to me. It is like the whole, no I am never going to be able to go back. You know I am stuck and I love the shoes,” said Paul Huddle.

This shoe is not just for elite runners it is for beginner runners, intermediate typewriters, as you change your running form: into a more efficient stride. The main thing when emphasizes to take you time to adjust. The news are very different from other footwear typically the shoes you going to be coming out our are going to have a slightly higher heel. We are going to be slightly stiffer. They are going to be a little heavier. You are going to change the working muscles slightly. So you need to take the time and let your body adjust, your muscles just, break into the technology, and transition safely. You want to think about landing lightly on the ground. You want to feel the leverage in the technology as it levers forward. You just simply lift your foot off the ground. You will spend less time on the ground. You have less impact and then you will be able to store and retrieve the energy from the shoes, and from the muscles and tendons in your legs. So, land lightly field issues lever, and then lift. You are flowing forward with gravity as opposed to gravity slamming you down to the ground, and working against you. To keep those things in mind, you want to transition. Slowly, if you are coming from the heel strike, if you are mid-foot forfeit strikers still take a little bit time to adjust the shoes. The benefits that we are finding are improve speed, fewer strains once you are adjusted to the technology. And quicker recovery, those are all signs have less impact and proper running form.