Run – Walk – Run Method with Jeff Galloway

Hi I am Jeff Galloway Olympian and distance running expert. Disney brought me here as a training consultant for Rundisney. I am on Hollywood Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is past the 22 mile mark, the place where most runners. And the Walt Disney World Marathon hit the wall but you do not have […]

Run Right with Newton Running

Hi! I am Adamson and Danny Abshire, we have been running this morning and we were talking about good running form and natural running gait. If you are not a trained runner you do not come from a trained background you can get into so many bad habits over striding, heel striking, you know leaning […]

Double win for South Africa Comrades Marathon runners

Welcome back everybody many people are still celebrating the success of our two local Comrades winning. As Caroline Wostman who is the first South African woman, in 17 years and the winner of the men’s race. Gift Kelehe there is just such an amazing thing to have two South Africans winning. Vaylen has been covering […]

Cadence Drill with Jeff Galloway

Hi! I am Olympian Jeff Galloway endurance training expert and consultant for Run Disney. I have got a training tip for you today, that will improve efficiency and speed is called the cadence trail. You can do this drilling plan but today with the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex where there is a world-class […]

Acceleration – Glider Drill with Jeff Galloway

I am Olympian Jeff Galloway distance training expert and official training consultant for Run Disney. So, you have gotten off the bench like a good athlete and started running, congratulations! But now you want to get faster. I have got a drill that will not only improve speed that allow you to shift gears during […]

Stop! Look! Listen! — Running Tutorial

Hello my name is Danny Abshire we are here with Newton Running in beautiful Boulder Colorado, One of the big things that we want to try to focus on as a runner is to think about all your senses and get in touch with your body and get in touch with the ground. this is […]

How To Start Running For Beginners

How to start running for beginners it is no secret why running is fun speed, the wind in your face that adrenaline rush as soon as toddlers learn to run it’s hard to keep them still. they will choose running over walking as the preferred mode of transport it’s too bad that as people get […]

What is the Pose Method of Running?

At this point you are probably wondering what is the pose method of running? or how can it help me? to help clear things up let’s take a look at some runners, they all look different do not think but at the same time don’t they seem to be doing something similar. Now I’m not […]

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